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Martha Johnson

Martha Johnson

Licensed Professional Counselor (MA, LPC)

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When you meet Martha, you’ll find her to be tender-hearted, charismatic and engaging in a space where you’ll feel heard and accepted, not judged. She’ll intently listen to you and validate your experiences, then she’ll both challenge you and empower you to guide your own healing. 

Martha will help you identify your deepest wounds, understand how they’ve impacted your self-worth and how to redefine your personal value, as well as harness internal motivators to achieve your goals. Drawing from DBT and CBT modalities, she can help you with a variety of issues, like battling panic and depressive disorders, trauma, and self-harming and suicidal behaviors using techniques such as motivational interviewing, narrative therapy techniques, active listening, and mindfulness practices.

Her background is quite eclectic, having an undergraduate degree in theatre performance and a Master’s degree in Counseling. “Performing and counseling are very similar in that you first seek to observe and study the motivations, needs and wounds of another person, and you either act out what you’ve learned or engage in a dialogue with them about it.” Since becoming a counselor, Martha’s worked at a rescue mission, maximum security detention center and psychiatric hospital with adults and adolescents, transgender individuals and gender minorities.