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Mira Reisen

Mira Reisen

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MS, LMFT)

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Meeting Mira, you’ll experience her calm presence. You’ll be surprised by how comfortable you feel expressing your needs, your fears, and your life’s struggles. In this compassionate environment, you’ll reclaim a sense of hope, along with a belief in your own ability to succeed.

Mira strives to meet you wherever you find yourself in this journey we call life, greeting you with tenderness, creativity and courage. She’ll learn about your individual passions and strengths, and use these to help guide you in a way that balances comfort and challenge in order to build and maintain success.

Mira is skilled in both individual and couples therapy. In her couples work, she conducts treatment from a systems perspective, which allows her to see each person as an individual working in and as a part of a partnership. She works with couples with diverse experiences and needs including infidelity/lost trust, lack of communication, supporting each other, and pre-marital therapy.

Mra has worked with diverse individuals as well, including but not limited to co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, trauma, depression, anxiety, LGBTQ struggles, family reunification, social anxiety, OCD, and phase of live changes.

Mira completed her Masters of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Northern Illinois University where she developed an in-depth understanding of a systems perspective and it’s connection to working with couples and individuals.