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Nick Boeder

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MSW, LCSW)

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Nick deeply believes in your resilience. He’ll work side by side with you, developing a meaningful relationship in which you’ll feel cared for and supported. Here, he’ll explore and gently challenge any self-defeating personal stories, and will empower you to create a new positive personal tale.

Nick utilizes an attachment and narrative-based approach in his work. He’s skilled at assisting people struggling to navigate a range of complex personal issues – including mood instability, family rupture, addiction, grief and concerns associated with life’s many transitions, and much more.

Nick adjusts his approach to the specific needs and concerns of each unique individual he engages. Utilizing an authentically person-centered approach, Nick works through the power of relationship and connection and a belief in the resilience of each of his clients.

Nick is a seasoned Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked with teens, young adults and families for nearly 20 years.