Pamela Herrick

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Pamela Herrick

Pamela Herrick

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MA, LMFT)

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Pamela is a caring and genuine person. She’s committed to helping you overcome obstacles in your everyday life (obstacles that hinder your belief in yourself and hold you back in relationships with others).

Pamela has been working in the Mental Health Field for over 25 years. During that time, she’s learned a wide range of counseling techniques and styles. After listening to your personal story with compassion and care, she’ll put together the best of what she’s learned to support you.

“Each person experiences traumatic events in life,” Pamela explains, “but this doesn’t define a person.” By working alongside you in the therapy session, she’ll help you discover, process, and gain skills to overcome the obstacles and traumas that prevent you from living your best life.

Pamela has a certificate in Art 4 Healing, completed a Play Therapy certificate program, and had EMDR (Basic Level One and Two) Training. She has worked with individuals and groups dealing with life and relationship issues.

She looks forward to meeting you and supporting you as you reclaim the real you.