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Pedar Herom

Pedar Herom

Licensed Professional Counselor (MA, LPC)

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Pedar is a big-hearted therapist, who’ll use his honesty, curiosity and perceptiveness to support you. Those who work with Pedar describe him as a counselor gifted at hearing both what is said, and the unsaid thoughts that can be a vital part of healing.

As Pedar guides you through life-changing self-examination. he’ll explore any disconnections between your current life and your true values and feelings. He’ll help you, as you examine and identify areas of discord and distress, and create strategies to work toward health and wholeness.

Pedar can support you in healing from with a wide spectrum of issues, including but not limited to depression, grief/loss, powerlessness, and unhealthy attachment. Pedar’s vault of varied life experience allows him to bring a myriad of life perspectives to clients: different thoughts, ideas and lenses with which to view challenges and difficulties when clients feel stuck, with a special interest in self- compassion.

“As a musician for most of my life I use this metaphor:
Every heart has a song it wants to sing, and when your heart sings that song, life is good! Trauma, hardship, loss, and misfortune can knock our hearts “out of tune” and we can wind up singing a different tune, one that doesn’t feel right. My intention with each client is to listen – and help you listen – to places you are feeling off key, and to support you to remember/realign yourself, and ‘sing’ the life that is right for you.”