Alyssa Davis, LPC

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: Adolescent (Ages 17+), Adult

About Alyssa Davis, LPC

Alyssa invites you to enter into an environment where you’ll feel accepted, validated, and safe. Here, Alyssa offers her warm, genuine presence. Here, you’ll feel liberated to explore deeply: You’ll identify the parts of yourself and your life that you want to transform, and you’ll learn how to create an overall sense of well-being, relief, and relaxation. Alyssa takes a holistic approach to healing, exploring your situation from various perspectives. Together, you’ll work to achieve physical, mental and spiritual health and vitality. You’ll find that – with Alyssa’s support – you will be able to deeply examine topics from your past and present to foster insight and self-awareness. You’ll then learn how to use that insight to overcome obstacles and walk the path to the life you’ve always wanted. Alyssa has experience working with a variety of presenting issues, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, existential crises, and substance abuse (to name just a few). Alyssa will meet you where you are at, utilizing therapeutic approaches specifically tailored to you and your needs. She tends to draw primarily from client-centered, mindfulness-based approaches and borrows the best of Solution-Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Together, you and Alyssa will create the life you’d like to live. Along the way, you’ll gain insights, learn to implement new skills, and cultivate strengths. Alyssa looks forward to meeting you, and supporting you on the pathway to a healthy, fulfilling life.


Fort Collins – Riverside Avenue

1525 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524
1537 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524
1531 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524


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