Cheryl Buddington, LCSW

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: Adolescent (Ages 18+), Adult

About Cheryl Buddington, LCSW

Cheryl offers you a safe place to tell your story and create healing. With Cheryl’s acceptance, compassion and stress-relieving humor, you’ll feel heard and understood. With Cheryl’s encouragement and guidance, you’ll embark together on a journey of discovery — discovering the life you’ve always wanted. Perhaps you fear that you’ll be judged or misunderstood. Perhaps you’re afraid of being vulnerable; or that you’ll discover that you’re not enough; or that you’ll be overwhelmed if you confront your fears. Whatever scares you, Cheryl wants you to know she understands, and that she’s here to help. Cheryl has worked with people experiencing depression, anxiety, marital conflict, parenting struggles, persistent mental illnesses, aging, the grief of loss, trauma, and much more. Cheryl will work with you to honor and ad-dress your emotions and find ways to create strength and inner peace. Cheryl’s main tools in therapy are listening so you feel heard, showing genuine acceptance for where you are, exploring the strengths and skills you have, teaching new skills that are empowering and effective, identifying those “windows” when doors have been shut, and encouraging you to be guided by your values and not those of others. Cheryl finds humor and mindfulness help refocus and reduce stress during sessions (and during traffic!). Cheryl has been trained in the modalities of Client Centered Therapy, Solu-tion Focused Therapy, Couples Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Structured Family Therapy, Parenting with Love and Logic, Trauma Informed Therapy, Grief Counseling, and is certified in DBT through Behavioral Tech. She feels this broad educational background allows her to choose and blend approaches as needed to address individual circumstances. Cheryl received her BA from Baylor University and her MSW from the University of Missouri. Throughout over 35 years of working in the field of social work she has participated in on-going trainings to expand her knowledge base to meet the needs of those with whom she works. Cheryl has worked in community mental health with child, adult and older adult services, family reunification programs, international and domestic adoption and grief support programs. She has taught parenting classes and provided counseling to families who have experienced the death of a child or are now caring for elderly parents. Cheryl knows her most valuable education has come from the depth of knowledge clients have shared with her.



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