Doug Wenger, LCSW

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: Adolescent (Ages 12+), Adult

About Doug Wenger, LCSW

Doug approaches his life, his clients, and his work in a kind, caring and easy going manner. Doug listens mindfully to his clients and meets them where they are at — taking the journey with them to get to the place they want to be. Along the way, he incorporates humor, and is flexible with his style and approach to ensure his clients’ needs are being met. Doug view’s his work with his clients as a collaboration of efforts and expertise, together finding ways to meet needs and attune to feelings. Throughout their time together, Doug is always building positive relationships with his clients, getting to know them and their strengths. Doug has been a therapist since graduating with his Masters in Social Work in 2008. He has worked with youth, families, couples and adults of all ages over the years; including working with schools, to assist with understanding the impact of a youth’s social-emotional needs on their behaviors and their learning. Doug welcomes you to come in and see if he is the therapist for you. He’s hopeful that you’ll feel welcomed, cared for, and gently but confidently guided into the life you’ve always wanted.


Loveland – East 27th Street

323 East 27th Street
Loveland, CO 80538


  • Aetna
  • Apostrophe
  • BCBS
  • Beacon
  • Beacon/NEHP
  • Bright Health
  • CCHA
  • Cigna
  • CO-Access/CHP
  • Cofinity
  • Friday Health Plans
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  • Kaiser
  • Medi-CARE
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  • RMHP
  • SB-94
  • Tricare HNFS
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  • United Medi-CARE Adv