Diane Shelton, PsyD.

Provider type: Psychologist

Serving: Adult (ages 18 & Up), Individuals

About Diane Shelton, PsyD.

Diane offers you a safe, trusting, compassionate environment in which you can work collaboratively at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Together with her you’ll discover the solutions or answers you need and remove whatever’s blocking you from accessing or using them.

Diane’s philosophy is that if each of us takes responsibility to work on handling whatever “stuff” we might have (e.g., impatience, defensiveness, anxiety, poor communication skills), not only will we improve ourselves, but we’ll positively impact the people around us. Thus, her motto is, "Healthier minds, a healthier world."

Diane’s aim is to provide high quality, professional services that meet the goals and needs of diverse clients. She discusses therapeutic options with clients and provides information to help them make informed decisions about their psychotherapy. She uses an eclectic mix of methods and theories, which may include cognitive, humanistic, multicultural/empowerment base approaches infused with strength-focused, resiliency and positive psychology principles, and EMDR as appropriate.

With a Doctorate degree of Psychology, Diane has years of experience in an array of settings: community mental health centers, prisons and jails, colleges and universities, inpatient treatment centers, group and individual private practices, and a large freight-rail corporation. In addition to her clinical work, she’s been an educator, trainer and consultant to groups and organizations, and has had the privilege to mentor future generations of healers.



12303 Airport Way, Suite 125, Broomfield CO 80021


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