Janelle Aguilon, MS, APRN

Provider type: Psychiatric APN

Serving: Adolescent (Ages 6+), Adult

About Janelle Aguilon, MS, APRN

Janelle welcomes you into a safe space where her genuine kindness and calming positivity will help you to feel at ease. It's a space where you will not be judged based on your culture, spiritual practices, or the values that you identify with. As you share your story, she'll guide you through the tough parts and laugh with you during funny conversations. With Janelle's support, you'll gain confidence and motivation to make positive changes so you can live your best life.

Depression, anxiety, ADHD, mood swings, anger management, schizophrenia, dissociation, flashbacks, and insomnia are just some of the issues Janelle's clients can overcome. Oftentimes, these symptoms stem from unhealthy practices and life stresses, such as relationship issues, trauma and abuse, difficult life transitions, grief and loss, and substance abuse. Janelle partners with each patient to explore these areas of concern and find the right medications and self-practices to address them.

Janelle draws from a variety of therapy and communication techniques, including CBT, solution-focused therapy, and person-centered therapy. She supports holistic care and will provide education on diet, exercise, sleep hygiene, and mind-body therapy, as well as prescribing medication if she feels that's indicated.

With a Master’s degree in nursing and Bachelor’s degree in social work at The Ohio State University, Janelle has experience in medication management for children and adults in an outpatient and residential settings. She worked as a nurse at an inpatient psychiatric hospital for drug detox and acute mental health cases, and has supported people diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers by facilitating support groups, therapeutic programs, and educational sessions.

Janelle identifies with a minority group so has personal understanding and empathy towards the struggles related to race, LGBTQ+, and more. She integrates cultural understanding and respect into patient care.


Fort Collins – West Olive Street

320 W Olive Street
Fort Collins, CO 80521


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