Jennifer M Banks, MS, LPCC

Provider type: Candidate

Serving: Adolescent, Adult, Child, Couples, Families, Groups, Individuals

About Jennifer M Banks, MS, LPCC

Jennifer will greet you with unconditional positive regard, warmth, and genuine care. In her presence, you'll experience a sense of humor and complete authenticity. You'll feel safe and respected as you partner with her to move forward and become your true self.

Jennifer believes that her clients can overcome any issue they decide they want to overcome. She feels individuals have the right to choose to work on life struggles and problem solve issues that are causing disharmony in their lives. To assist clients, Jennifer uses three attributes to create a growth-promoting climate: congruence (genuineness), unconditional acceptance, and accurate empathetic understanding. She approaches therapy from a person-centered perspective and uses play therapy with children.

With a Master’s of Science in Counseling, Jennifer has experience working as a school counselor, and in community health centers and residential treatment centers.


Fort Collins-Oak Street

215 Oak St Fort Collins, CO 80521


  • Beacon/NEHP
  • CCHA
  • Cigna
  • RMHP
  • UBH
  • UMR