Linda Talarico, LCSW

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: Adolescent (All Ages), Adult

About Linda Talarico, LCSW

Sometimes when you least expect it, your life can become challenging, confusing and even painful. Linda knows this both personally and professionally; she also knows the value and benefits that talking with a therapist can provide. After a 25 year career as a therapist in Valhalla, N.Y., Linda is now supporting the Fort Collins community. She’s continuing her work with individuals, couples, fami-lies, and children ages 2-16. You’ll find Linda easily connects with you and is a terrific listener. Linda brings a broad framework of approaches to go beyond just listening, and into actively helping: Linda borrows the very best from Family Systems Theory, Psychodynamic Therapy, and Behavior and Cognitive approaches. You’ll find that Linda is very pragmatic, offering you a wide variety of practical strategies to overcome the challenges being faced. Linda has a number of specialties as well. She enjoys working with parents and ca-regivers, providing parenting skills both for everyday issues and for the tough (and even toughest) concerns that arise in this important role of taking children from complete dependency into adulthood. Linda has also worked with children who were born with developmental delays and disabilities, helping them with behavior management, social skills and emotional growth. Over her career, she’s successfully worked with those who are suffering because of loss and change. Additionally, Linda has extensive experience supporting and caring for the LGBTQ community.


Telehealth Only
Fort Collins – Riverside Avenue

1525 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524
1537 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524
1531 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524


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