Marcella Thompson, LCSW

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: Adolescent (Ages 18+), Adult

About Marcella Thompson, LCSW

My years as a therapist have taught me that there are few people who escape life without some level of pain, suffering or transitional problem. We also all have our own unique way of managing these difficulties. Sometimes these issues require coping skills we have yet to learn, and support from someone who is not emotionally involved. I offer a safe and inviting environment, warm and judgment free. I understand that you may be nervous about entering into a therapeutic relationship. Together, we can sort through the complexities of what brings you here. With hope, grace and perhaps a little humor, healing can begin to move you into the place you desire to be. I work with adults 18 and older. Issues can include but are not limited to: grief and loss, depression, anxiety, fear of change, life transitions (which encompass a vast array of issues) and end of life work. I believe that through curiosity and wonder, life should be celebrated from the beginning to the end, and beyond. I came to LifeStance Health after 19 years of clinical Social Work in California. Prior to this, I was an art major and spent 15 years decorating new clothing stores and numerous store displays. I saw many years of style changes working with my beloved mannequins. Sometimes in life there is a point when we realize that we are not honoring our true calling or what makes us feel passionate. It was at this time I returned to college for several more years and earned my MSW degree. Never once have I regretted this choice. My passion was to be connected to people in a helping profession. Education: Bachelor of Science Degree: CSU Chico, California. Master of Social Work Degree: CSU Sacramento, California.


Fort Collins – West Olive Street

320 W Olive Street
Fort Collins, CO 80521


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