Markus Fitzpatrick, LPC

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: Adult (ages 18 & Up), Individuals

About Markus Fitzpatrick, LPC

When you meet with Markus, you’ll meet with a dynamic, humane, and straightforward practitioner who cares, above all else, about your wellbeing. When you work with him, you’ll feel safe, validated, challenged, supported, and inspired to find that central piece of yourself. With compassion, understanding, confident direction and a lot of listening, Markus can help you to build on your strengths and attain the personal growth that you’re committed to achieve.

Taking breaths, eradicating symptoms, mastering challenges, and finding peace are only a few core tenets of Markus’ approach to therapy. Working from Humanistic-Existential and Cognitive-Behavioral methods, Markus integrates complementary methodologies to offer a highly personalized treatment plan for each client.

Markus has a Master’s degree in clinical psychology, a license to practice psychotherapy, and has been active in the mental health community for over 15 years.

Additionally, Markus has spent extensive time in 25+ countries on the quest for collective human traits and certain attitudes which fuel personal acceptance and growth. He has entered the towering cathedrals in Europe, practiced swordsmanship (Kenjutsu) with locals on Mt. Fuji, experienced the ancient monuments and staggering artistry of Rome and Florence, chanted in orange robes with Buddhist monks in the foothills of Yunnan, China, and has been invited to sit with small island Hindu villagers for some of their private family ceremonies.


Denver Uptown

1900 Grant Street, Suite 600
Denver, CO 80203


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