Mary Preston, LMFT

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: Adolescent (Ages 13+), Adult

About Mary Preston, LMFT

When you walk into the office with me, you’ll feel you’ve reached a place where it’s safe to speak about what you’re keeping inside. I’m calm, gentle, and accepting. I’ll hold space for you and stay with you as you work on sorting through and dealing with strong emotions. I’m trained in Marriage and Family Therapy, and work with individuals and couples, including children of all ages. In our sessions,, we’ll talk about what brought you in, figure out what you want in life, and we’ll go from there. When we have that reference point, it gives us a strong and clear idea of what next steps to take. We will do some thought work, practice problem­ solving techniques, and you will leave my office feeling better. I love working with children and their families. I know kids need a safe place to let their emotions play out and have someone there to witness it. This might look like talking, playing games, or doing art. I also meet with families to come up with a positive behavior support system, investigate the cause of behaviors, and help come up with solutions.Mary graduated from Argosy University in Honolulu with a Master’s Degree in Counseling, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy. Before becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she worked with adolescents in a residential facility as well as children in the public school system with diagnoses of autism, ADHD, anxiety, and conduct disorder. She has worked with parents and teachers to come up with focused, positive, successful Behavior Support Plans. After receiving her License, she was blessed to be able to support our military members and their children in the elementary schools and pre­schools as a Military Family Life Counselor in Hawaii and North Carolina before moving to Colorado to work at Heart Centered Counseling.


Fort Collins – Riverside Avenue

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