Miguel Solomos, MA, LPCC

Provider type: Candidate

Serving: Adolescent (Ages 14+), Adult, Groups, Individuals

About Miguel Solomos, MA, LPCC

When Miguel welcomes you into a session, you’ll enter a space that’s safe and empowering. It’s a space where your personal growth will be nurtured by empathy, attentiveness, and perhaps a bit of humor. You’ll be encouraged to address and change the issues you’re struggling with so you can live your best life.

Miguel can help his clients overcome whatever struggles they face, such as relational issues, depression, anxiety, and distorted thoughts. Techniques he regularly uses during therapy sessions include active listening, thought challenging, and goal setting. He tailors his approach for each client using person-centered modalities like cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and trauma therapy.

Miguel earned a Master’s degree in counseling from Regis University. He has experience working in mental health and treatment settings.


Lakewood- W Alameda Ave

8015 W Alameda Ave, Suite G50, CO 80226


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