Rebecca Hooper-Esquibel, LMFT

Provider type: Candidate

Serving: Adult (ages 18 & Up)

About Rebecca Hooper-Esquibel, LMFT

When you are in session with Becca, you’ll feel accepted, safe, and free from judgment. She cares deeply about each client and focuses on building a trusting relationship with you. Starting with this foundation helps her clients overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, relational issues, parenting concerns, grief, existential issues, career changes, and more.

Becca develops a strong rapport with her clients and guides them through change by using active listening, understandable metaphors to explain complex ideas, psychoeducation about the nervous system and its applications to mental health, and various other tools. Depending on whether she’s working with individuals, families, or couples, she incorporates modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), person-centered, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), strategic family therapy, structural family therapy, solution-focused therapy, and emotionally focused therapy (EFT).

With a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling: Couples and Family Therapy, her passion is helping people heal their past, overcome obstacles and reach their potential.


Greeley- W. 10th Street

5401 W. 10th Street, Greeley CO 80634