Sarah Felter, LPC

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: Adolescent (Ages 5+), Adult

About Sarah Felter, LPC

Sarah welcomes you into therapy with unconditional positive regard. She’ll aim to be your partner in the counseling experience and empower you to be the expert in your own life. She’ll laugh with you. She’ll shed tears with you. She’ll be real with you. In your work together, you’ll address many different challenges including, but not limited to: setting boundaries in relationships or work; limiting negative self-talk; meeting self-improvement and personal growth goals; adjusting to life transitions like divorce or career change; processing current and past traumas; and recovering from domestic abuse. You’ll also receive support for healthy grieving, and learn skills and strategies to manage anxiety, stress, and depression, all while feeling genuine empathy and support for your specific concerns. Sarah will tailor the techniques used to meet your unique needs and will encourage feedback from you about how you feel treatment is progressing. The modalities of treatment she uses include traditional talk therapy, Psychoeducation, Art Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, and EMDR. With a Master’s degree from Naropa University, Sarah has helped at-risk youth, sexual assault survivors, people experiencing domestic violence, and people processing grief and caregiving.


Greeley- W. 10th Street

5401 W. 10th Street, Greeley CO 80634


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