Stephanie Topol, MA, MS, LPCC

Provider type: Candidate

Serving: Adolescent (Ages 0-12), Adolescent (Ages 12+), Adult

About Stephanie Topol, MA, MS, LPCC

When you enter into a session with Stephanie, you’ll feel a sense of warmth, acceptance, and calm. You’ll enter into a safe place where you can get comfortable and open up. You’ll feel soothed by Stephanie’s empathy, compassion, sense of humor, and overall vibe and positive energy. You’ll feel heard and understood. You’ll be offered new opportunities to grow.

Stephanie’s clients can overcome a variety of obstacles that they encounter or are confronted with from their past and/or daily, such as depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, self-care, and acceptance. They also can learn effective ways to communicate, as well as new ways to look at situations in their life.

Stephanie gets to know her clients by utilizing active listening skills. She chooses therapeutic approaches she feels will be most effective for them based on what she learns, like reassurance and role playing. She’s open to feedback from each client on approaches they like or don’t like. The modalities she draws from include play therapy, person-centered, narrative therapy, existential therapy, reality therapy, gestalt therapy, CBT, DBT, solution-focused therapy, positive psychology, motivational interviewing, rational therapy, and more.

Stephanie holds two Master’s degrees—one in General/Clinical Psychology and the other in Mental Health Counseling. She’s helped people from all walks of life while working in psychiatric hospitals and with developmentally disabled children and their families.


Westminster- Turnpike Drive

8471 Turnpike Dr #250
Westminster, CO 80031


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