Steve Valente, LCSW

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: Adolescent (Ages 13+), Adult

About Steve Valente, LCSW

Steve genuinely cares about your journey of self-discovery and is passionate about helping you become the champion of your own life. Steve’s person-centered and strengths-based approach will help you feel safe, welcomed and inspired. Steve will meet you where you are at and will help you get to where you want to go. You’ll find Steve is accepting and supportive and understands that your past does not define your future. You can expect a results oriented and collaborative process that will encourage and empower you to heal and find peace and contentment. Steve graduated with a Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. Steve has worked with people of all ages, individuals, couples, and families and is chiefly experienced in working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, older adults, and children in foster care. Prior to coming to Heart Centered Counseling, Steve has 25 years of Executive Management experience in the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities helping organizations and clients achieve their dreams and goals.



5911 Middlefield Road, Littleton, CO 80123
5901 Middlefield Road, Littleton, CO 80123
5941 Middlefield Road, Littleton, CO 80123
7780 S Broadway #200, Arapahoe Plaza III, Littleton, CO 80122


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