Wendy Benedict, LCSW

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: Adolescent (Ages 8+), Adult

About Wendy Benedict, LCSW

When you meet with Wendy, you’ll feel supported, valued, safe from judgement, and heard. You’ll enjoy a bit of humor as it’s appropriately infused into your sessions. You’ll value Wendy’s huge heart for helping you on your journey toward healing and wholeness.

Depression; anxiety; adjusting to new situation; learning how to regulate thoughts, actions, and emotions; and trauma are some of the issues Wendy can help clients address through active listening, motivational interviewing, and the teaching of coping skills. She also uses a combination of modalities such as CBT, DBT, person-centered, and exposure therapy,

With a Master’s degree in Social Work, Wendy has worked with clients of all ages in both inpatient and outpatient settings.



1630 Dry Creek Drive, Longmont, CO 80503


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