Robert Muehlberger

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Robert Muehlberger

Robert Muehlberger

Licensed Professional Counselor (MA, LPC))

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You’ll feel accepted and heard when you meet with Robert. His positive energy and encouragement—and his well-timed humor—will be part of the walk you take together on your path of healing. After working with Robert, you’ll feel transformed into a happier and healthier person.

Robert helps his clients overcome a variety of issues, including depression and anxiety, replacing negative behaviors and thoughts with healthy ones. He begins by using motivational interviewing to learn what a client wants to gain from therapy and continues in a solution-focused way so that clients successfully reach their goals. He uses person-centered modalities, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to address specific issues, and existential therapy to help clients see who they are and understand the purpose of their lives.

With a Master of Arts degree in Counseling, Robert has many years of experience helping people in a variety of settings, including community mental health, private practice, a family medicine clinic, and hospitals.