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Ross Knode

Ross Knode

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (MA, LPCC)

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One of Ross’ goals as your therapist will be to provide a warm, compassionate presence that helps you feel comfortable processing painful or uncomfortable experiences and emotions. He’ll use self-deprecating humor and an attitude of genuine acceptance to create a connection with you. While working with Ross, you’ll gain an ability to more effectively regulate your emotions, allowing you to overcome any number of debilitating issues, such as depression, and anxiety.

Ross is trained in synergetic play therapy which supports children in exploring a wide range of psychological challenges while increasing their emotional resiliency. He helps children become attuned to their bodies, and verbalize their feelings and needs. He also provides parents with tools to more effectively connect with their children or anyone else in their lives. With adolescent and adult clients, Ross uses modalities such as CBT, REBT, and Motivational Interviewing.

Before going back to school three years ago to earn his counseling degrees, Ross was an airline pilot for 18 years, most recently flying the Airbus A320. “Why the drastic switch?,” you might ask. Ross says, “I went back to school because I wanted to make more of a difference in kids and families lives.”