Sandra Fortson

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Sandra Fortson

Sandra Fortson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MSW, LCSW)

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Sandra wants to you know that whatever you are going through does not define you. She’ll help you discover the root of any struggles you may be experiencing, and empower you to reach your fullest potential.

Sandra’s guiding principles include upholding the dignity and worth of every individual. She will view you through a holistic lens, working to understand and treat you as a whole person.

Sandra is experienced working with issues including mental illness, substance use disorder, trauma, and an array of life transitions. She utilizes treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), solution-focused therapy, and trauma-informed care.

Sandra caters her clinical approach to meet the specific and varying needs of each person. Whatever it is you may be facing in life, she looks forward to offering an understanding, non-judgmental and collaborative hand as you journey towards healing and self-discovery.

After earning a Bachelor of Social Work degree with a minor in Sociology at the University of South Alabama, Sandra obtained a Master’s degree in Social Work at Colorado State University. Throughout her career, Sandra has worked with a wide variety of populations ranging from the homeless, at-risk youth, deaf and hard-of-hearing, to both perpetrators and victims of abuse.