You Are Not a Problem to Be Fixed; You Are a Person to Be Supported

At LifeStance Health, we recognize that psychiatric medication can play a valuable, helpful role in the lives of many of our clients.

Unfortunately, there is a dramatic shortage of psychiatric care and medication management throughout the United States—and especially in our local community.

Our Medication service seeks to fix that, by providing caring, client-centered psychiatric treatment for a full range of mental health concerns.

How Does Medication Management Work?

Med Management is run by several highly-trained medical providers working in partnership with our therapists at LifeStance Health

Just as you work with a primary therapist, you’ll also collaborate with a medical provider, one who will take the time to get to know you as a person, not just a name on an appointment sheet.

During your appointments, your nurse practitioner will spend time talking with you about your mental health concerns, your current medications, how it’s working for you, and what effects it’s having on your daily life.

If needed, you and your psychiatric medical provider can agree on changes to your medication strategy, and then discuss the results during your next regular visit.

All of this is done in close consultation with your therapist, creating a well-rounded treatment program.

How Is Psychiatric Med Management Different from Getting a Prescription from My Regular Doctor?

Primary care physicians provide wonderful care for a variety of health problems you might be facing. And primary care doctors can and do write prescriptions for a handful of mental health medications.

However, in most cases, mental health is not their specialty, limiting the scope of what most primary care practitioners are comfortable prescribing. Also, their prescriptions are often written without coordination with a therapist or counselor.

Our Psychiatric Med Management program takes a different approach.

Instead of a simple doctor’s appointment to get a refill on your prescription, you’ll meet 1-on-1 with a psychiatric medical provider who specializes in mental health. Your provider will work hand in hand with your therapist to create and manage a whole-body (and whole-mind) program of care.

Care now includes both medication and regular meetings with both your therapist and your med management provider.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’d like help with psychiatric care and med management, give us a call (at 970-310-3406) and talk to one of our patient specialists. They’ll get you started in our Psychiatric Med Management program.

Our patient specialists will take the time needed to talk you through your options. Together you can decide the best course of action moving forward. In most cases, they’ll get you started right away with an intake from one of our therapists, who’ll then get you set up with psychiatric care.