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Sharon is a very easy therapist to talk to. She has warmth, compassion, and understanding. And you’ll quickly feel her commitment toward your healing and growth. Sharon believes you possess the potential to transform and blossom – all you need is the right environment and the right support. Sharon is confident you’ll find this with her — that as a team, you and she will help you gain the insight and the courage to make lasting change and progress.

When appropriate, Sharon might incorporate creativity – for example, engaging in an art project, as an expressive part of the therapy process. In her experience, Sharon’s found that while some clients find a strong self-expression though words, other might better express themselves through creative activities and art mediums.

Sharon received her Master’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado. She has nine years of experience working in a private community mental health setting, with six years post license. More recently, Sharon has completed a health and wellness program.

Sharon understands that therapy is a personal journey and that a good match is very important. She offers a complimentary 30 minute consultation with clients so they can feel, first hand, the comfort and support of this healing relationship. Please feel free to call and schedule an appointment with Sharon.