Susan Wooldridge

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Susan Wooldridge

Susan Wooldridge

Licensed Professional Counselor (MS, LPC))

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Susan’s gentle, down-to-earth manner will to put you at ease. “I have always felt being genuine is one of the most important qualities a therapist can have,” Susan shared. “There are too many places in the world where folks work hard to please others, rather than being their authentic selves.”

“My clients and I feel comfortable being ourselves with one another,” Susan continued. “I feel lucky to have been trained by very warm-hearted people that taught me to utilize my own experiences in life as a way of helping others. Although they were highly educated people, my teachers believed that relying on their humanity – and less on their technique – would produce better outcomes for their clients. Throughout my 25 years of experience, I have found this to be the case as well.”

Susan is a creative person and leans on a variety of tools to help you get in touch with yourself, your naturalness, and your creativity. Susan blends styles borrowed from Humanistic, Cognitive-Behavioral, and System modalities, and finds the mix best suited to you. For clients who feel receptive to it, Susan will sometimes use art as a way of connecting and expressing.

Susan enjoys working with a wide range of issues, including (but not limited to) Eating Disorders (All Forms), Women’s Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Harm, Substance Use Disorders, Blended Family dynamics, and Couples and Adolescents. She looks forward to working with you, supporting you along your healing path.