Finding Help—From the Comfort of Home

You found this page because you have a unique need. You’re hoping to find help for a hurt, or a crisis.

However, for some reason, you’re unable to attend a traditional therapy session in one of our offices. We want you to know, we understand.


  • You live in a rural area, far from any traditional therapist’s office
  • You have a medical issue that prevents you from travel
  • You’re caring for a child or a loved one and are unable to get away
  • You’ve heard good things about our practice, but you don’t live close to our offices in Fort Collins, Greeley, or Loveland

If any of those things are true for you, our tele-mental health (or tele-therapy) service might be just the right option for you.

Together, let’s cover what you can expect from tele-therapy so you know exactly what to expect when you begin working with us:

How Tele-Therapy Works

Our tele-therapy platform uses secure video conferencing to enable face-to-face conversations between you and your therapist.

The video call is completely secure and confidential, and nothing is recorded or kept in any way.

When you schedule a tele-mental health appointment, our patient coordinators (or your therapist) will send you a private, secure link via email, enabling you (and only you) to connect by video at the time of your appointment.

All you need is:

  1. Internet connection (with enough bandwidth to support a video conference call)
  2. A computer, tablet, or smartphone
  3. A quiet, private room in your home

Your therapist will meet with you from his or her private office, ensuring you have a fully confidential environment, just as you would if you were meeting in person for your appointment.

Who Can Schedule a Tele-Therapy Call?

Anyone can schedule a tele-therapy call with a therapist from our offices.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Fort Collins area or not. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen one of our therapists in the past.

If you’re currently seeing a therapist from our offices but suddenly face a life situation that prevents you from travel, tele-therapy can be a perfect way to continue meeting with your therapist, even though you can’t make it to our offices.

If you’re new to LifeStance Health, tele-therapy can help if you’re unable to travel to our offices, but needing support with a hurt, or a crisis.

Is Tele-Therapy Effective?

Tele-therapy has been shown to be very effective for people in all different kinds of life situations. This is why many insurance plans have chosen to include tele-therapy as part of their standard coverage.

Whether you are seeking help for depression, anxiety, relationships, or anything else, tele-therapy can be a practical, effective solution, especially when managed by a caring therapist who is highly trained in delivering therapy through a tele-therapy platform.

Will My Insurance Company Cover Tele-Therapy?

The majority of health insurers now cover tele-therapy as part of their standard mental health benefit.

In the few cases where an insurance company does not cover tele-therapy, please know that at Heart-Centered Counseling, we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure cost does not prevent you from getting help. We offer lower fees to help, based on your situation, which we’ll be glad to discuss with you whenever you’re ready to call.

How Do I Get Started?

Whatever your situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 970-310-3406. There’s no obligation to this whatsoever, and we’ll do everything we can in that initial call to help you find the best direction for your specific needs and situation.