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Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr

Licensed Psychologist (Ph.D)

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Thomas Barr, Ph. D., is a licensed psychologist who blends kindness, humor, and thirty years of experience. Tom helps you quickly get the relief you long for, and supports you in building the life you’ve always wanted.

Tom has experience as a psychologist, mental health counselor, and marriage and family therapist. His over 30 years have enabled him to develop many strengths and specialties:

Tom has expertise in general psychology as well as advanced expertise in treating anxiety and depression, chemical dependency, pain management, eating disorders, trauma, ad-justment disorders/life transition, and patients considering bariatric surgery or non-surgical weight loss.

Tom has developed specialized techniques in pain management and behavioral medicine, and has provided teaching and guidance in outpatient and hospital settings in the areas of medical grand rounds and medical intern training. He has served as a trainer for the National Institute of Drug Abuse and has been a consultant for the Florida Supreme Court, law enforcement, and Dade County Public Schools.

Tom also has 30 years of experience using clinical hypnosis in a wide range of problem areas. His techniques have been implemented in hospital burn units, oncology, pain management, and hand surgery units. He was also a guest lecturer for 8 years at the University of Miami Law School where he taught self-hypnosis to third year law students for performance enhancement and anxiety reduction. Tom also does executive coaching, organizational development, consultation and has worked with many professional athletes to help improve focus and performance.

Tom is now accepting new patients for individual and/or family sessions, and has offices in both Greeley and Fort Collins.