Timothy Woodworth

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Timothy Woodworth

Timothy Woodworth

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MSW, MBA, LCSW)

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Tim will create a meaningful partnership with you through understanding, empathy and a warm sense of humor. He’ll bring his 15 years of direct clinical experience to help you. His style is very interactive and he’ll proactively work side-by-side with you to make sure your life is headed in the right direction.

Tim has experience in a broad range of areas and sees adults of all ages, teens, couples, and families. He can help with whatever aches, including struggles with depression, anxiety, grief, loss, and anger (and its potential impact on relationships). Tim can also help you navigate the increasingly complex world of employment (if that’s an arena of struggle for you).

Tim will use a variety of therapeutically effective techniques to support your healing, including an exploration of times in your life in which you were successful. He’ll then work to get you, your partner and/or your family back to that place.