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Tracy Heinz

Tracy Heinz

Licensed Psychologist

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Hope and empowerment are two key experiences you’ll take away from your meeting with Tracy. She explains, “I want you to experience unconditional positive regard, patience, consistent motivation and compassion from me on your healing journey.”

Tracy explains, “I employ an eclectic approach. I lean toward mindfulness and cognitive processing therapy most often, but am open to adjust modality if we feel a current modality is not the best fit for your success. I’ll work on the whole person, since you’re not just your mind or your situation: You’re mind/body/spirit all working together in this journey and it takes healing all areas to really grow into your best self.”

Tracy has experience helping with many types of challenges including, depression, anxiety, situational stress, family and relationship issues, trauma, ADD-related issues, LGBTQ, work and career issues, caregiver issues, children (behavioral issues), life span and transitional issues, veterans, couples counseling, spiritual conflicts/development, serious mental illness, and more.

Tracy takes each individual clients’ needs and developmental abilities into account when determining how to help them. With a BA in Psychology, a MS in Counselor Education and a PsyD in Clinical Psychology, Tracy has worked in the mental health field for 20 years in a variety of settings and job capacities ranging from case management and psych technician to correctional and clinical psychologist.