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Tracy Stuart

Tracy Stuart

Licensed Professional Counselor (MA,LPC)

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Tracy believes that you have – within yourself – the ability to heal & live well, and she understands that therapy can be the key to unlock the door to well-being. Tracy provides a safe place for you to address whatever is causing you distress. Kindness, honesty, and a deep desire to see people experience relief from suffering, drives her work.

Tracy can help you heal from a wide range of issues, including trauma, anxiety, depression, and women’s issues. Since life can be complex – and can change in a moment’s notice – Tracy will assist you in developing a tool box of sorts, with many effective forms of coping skills that can be implemented in a variety of situations.

Tracy also has her own toolbox of skills to aide in her work with you. These include EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-focused Therapy, and Rational Emotive Therapy (RET).

Tracy has been active since 1995 in the counseling field (with the exception of a four year window spent exploring other passions). Her experience working to heal depression, anxiety, and trauma stems from a variety of career experiences which include working with at-risk youth and their families in home, school, and community settings; working in Universities and Colleges with veterans; and licensing foster homes and providing case management and counseling for foster children. All of her experiences and training have led her to working with adults in both private therapy and outpatient therapy settings which is where she discovered a passion for helping people heal from life traumas. Tracy has discovered a career that continually teaches her the importance of being kind and gentle with ourselves.